About us

The project Vins So de Tardor was born in the spring of 2017, when Sònia and Gabi “discovered” a very old vineyard near one of their favorite places in the Penedès region at the Papiol mountain.

Where they found an opportunity to create a product that grows with sound and in which the process is a myth in itself. To the natural context and the earth are added the musical sounds that accompany the grape in its growth, turning the process into something unique.

We made the first harvest in September 2017, vinifying two very different styles of wine: So de Tardor and Don’t look Back, aged in oak.

The second harvest was in mid-September 2018, it was a very rainy summer and we decided not to vinify Don’t Look Back, which required very specific conditions to achieve the desired quality.

We used the “contract winery” concept, to be able to vinify with the best technical and sanitary guarantees.

When picked, it is believed that the grape also emits specific sounds that are recorded and immortalized in each of the products: the grape and its process are also capable of creating music.

“So de Tardor” emulates the story of a musical trio that will guide the different phases of the grape process. From a harmonic dialogue between organic matter, landscape and sound, we obtain the exceptional nature of a wine made with care and at the rhythm of nature. The intricate, delicate and intimate processes are what makes “So de Tardor” an artisanal rhapsody. Resulting in the myth: The wine that grows with music.